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ride or die chick

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when wendi deng married conservative media mogul rupurt murdoch, she was viewed in many circles as an asian anna nicole.  public perception shifted recently as she rushed to her husband’s aide during the parliament pie attack.  a newsweek feature on mrs. murdoch adds what happened when the clip stopped:

The cameras cut off as she fell to the ground. But the scene didn’t end there. An eyewitness saw Wendi back on her feet, grab the pie plate, and shove it right back into the face of her husband’s attacker, who later described the “rage” in her eyes. As police dragged him away, she pummeled him with punches, then turned to comfort her husband, tenderly hugging him and wiping foam from his jacket.

the article goes deeper into wendi’s life, touching on her relationship with her family, varied business interests and her experience as a two-time homewrecker.  check the full piece out below.

Deng! The True Story of Wonder Wendi – Newsweek

bonus:  the lox f/ eve “ride or die chick”


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