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historical stories pain, love and glory/Mike Tyson never be another like him 

with all due respect to dos equis, the world’s most interesting man is really michael gerard tyson.  over his lifetime, he has driven a roller-coaster of social peaks and valleys on a mostly public stage unlike any other.  right now, he’s on an upswing with his own tv show, movie roles, a new lease on life, and today induction into the international boxing hall of fame.  check out some of the work that earned him his place at canastota, ny.

related:  iphone users, cop that mike tyson main event (punch-out reboot for $free.99.)   also, the caption above is from nas’s tribute to tyson “legendary.”  full song below.


most nights i perform like mike

06/12/11 , ,

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Good Stuff, Check out

Top 10 ring entrances, tyson number 1



thanks…and will do.



the man defines the word fierce. 1:30 – 1:45; 2:41; 3:46; 3:35; 4:19; 5:07; 5:39… damn.



yup. don’t think we’ll see another like him



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