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the life and times of jay electronica

04/12/11 , , , ,

writer/journalist dream hampton gives some insight on “what the f*ck is a jay electronica?” in this recently liberated bio:

Jay Electronica is a wildly inventive Master MC who bends and shapes language to his will. His rhymes dazzle; metaphors stacked upon similes, narratives sprouting spontaneously from abstraction. His flow swarms a beat, rendering hooks optional. Were he simply a rhyme stylist, an MC committed to mere aesthetics, he’d be a mammoth talent, the “finally” true hip-hop fans have been rain-dancing for the better part of the 21st century. As it is, he’s way more than a rhyme stylist; he’s an exceedingly brilliant thinker, an organic intellectual student from the hood whose appetite for knowledge is matched by his ability to transmit knowledge. He’s the child of an American Third World ghetto who’s concerned with global community. He’s an MC who gives a fuck. He’s a throwback whose life was changed by hip-hop and believes still in its transformative, magical properties. He’s on some serious shit, mysterious shit, an artist whose conscience mandates he be conscious. But as he likes to say—the facts, jack.

the piece touches on jay’s birth into hip hop, homeless travels across the country, exploration of different religions and the story behind his first hit, eternal sunshine.

jay electronica bio – dream hampton

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