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happy belated black history month

03/01/11 , , ,

clippers owner donald sterling (pictured above on the left) stays defending his title as the worst owner in sports.  adding to his already stellar resume of sexual harassment, racial discrimination, being notoriously cheap, lying to the poor and heckling his own players, he decides to celebrate black history month in march by letting “underprivileged” kids in to a clippers game for free.  free tickets to kids is a nice gesture on the surface, but here, it’s a cheap pr move that shows how out of touch he is.  and how do you actually prove that you’re underprivileged?  flash a wic card?  dress like oliver twist?  or does black skin suffice?  dude’s a mess.  sorry for blake too that they got him cheesing on this nonsense.

spotted @ huffington post


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I think it’s ironic that the only two people in an ad about celebrating black history month are white.



blake griffin’s actually mixed. his mom is white but his dad is black.



I did not know Blake Griffin was mixed. Thanks for the info.



no prob.



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