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could you beat watson?

02/17/11 , , , ,

going back further than the folk hero john henry, man has been engaged in a battle of supremacy with one of the fruits of its labors, the machine.  the latest episode of this war played out this week on jeopardy as the game show pitted two of its greatest champions, ken jennings and brad rutter, against ibm super computer watson.  as you can see above, it wasn’t much of a contest.  in this case, the machine’s victory wasn’t about the “new computer overlords” jennings jokingly referenced making humans obsolete.  instead, it’s a triumph for the men and women who spent years working on a technology that could have a significant impact on our society.

ibm and ny times have given you an opportunity to succeed where ken and brad failed with their watson trivia challenge.  click on the link below to take on the computer in a round of jeopardy and see how you stack up.

IBM’s Watson Trivia Challenge – NY Times

related:  a youtube clip on the jeopardy ibm challenge from the developers’ perspective.


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